Adding New Users

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators.

Administrators can easily invite new users to Periscope Data.

New users to sites with single sign-on (SSO) must be added via the SSO client.

New users to sites with spaces must be added via Settings>Directory rather than Settings>Permissions.

Creating a New User

First, head to the Settings Menu.

Once in the Settings Menu, click the Permissions option:

Next, click the Add User button at the top right. This drops down an input form for the new user's name and email. Once that information has been entered, click Add to create the account.

After their account has been created, the newly added users will receive an automated email with a login link.

Adding Users with Spaces

For sites with the Spaces add-on, Site Administrators can add new users while specifying the Space(s) to place them in:

Users who belong to a group with admin permissions can add users to their space by following the previous documentation.

Adding Users with SSO Enabled

For sites with the SSO add-on configured, new users will have to be added through the SSO Client. They can then login by navigating to their site's respective URL:

If Spaces have also been configured along with SSO, new users will default to a Space specified by the admin.

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