Connecting to Teradata

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators and/or Database Administrators.

Granting Permissions to Tables

Depending on the set up, the user may have opted to create a new user to connect exclusively to Periscope as a security measure. Even if this special user wasn't created, the connected user must have been granted SELECT permissions on the database and tables in order to access certain tables in Periscope. The commands below can be used for Teradata, and the examples below assume that the Periscope user has been named 'periscope'.

<br>ON my_database
<br>TO periscope
<br>ON my_database.my_table
<br>TO periscope

Private Network Access for Teradata

Private network access for Teradata requires a dedicated proxy server for SSH port forwarding or VPN. Teradata customers can opt to have Periscope deploy a server on their behalf as a managed service for a fee, or they may elect to configure and manage the service on their own without Periscope support.

Note: Site administrators can contact their Account Manager for additional information on the managed services.

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