Scheduled Email Reports

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators and SQL/Discovery Users.

Emailing reports allows a user to schedule the time and day when they would like to send out a dashboard report. Dashboards that are emailed are always sent out with the default filters. Charts on the dashboard are refreshed at the specified time, and the email is sent upon completion of the refresh.

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<LI><a href="#RestrictEmails">Restricting Email Reports</a></LI>
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<a name="CheckDefaultFilters"></a>

Checking or Changing the Default Filters

To check the default filters, open the filter ribbon and click the "Reset Filters" link at the bottom right.

Make sure that the filters set as default are the filters desired in the emailed dashboard! To change the default filter set, choose the appropriate filters and then click "Set As Default."

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<a name="CreateEmail"></a>

Creating an Email Report

Once the default filters are set, select the "Dashboard Preferences" option in the dashboard menu.

Then, click the "Email Reports" section. In the Schedule section you can select which days (or every day) and what time the report should be sent out. In the Recipients section you can add or remove emails to the report:

To send a test report, simply add the email and click "Send Test"!

Emails are sent with PNG image(s) of the dashboard in the body of the email, where longer dashboards may be broken up into multiple PNG images to avoid resampling by email providers. In addition to this, an unbroken PNG image of the dashboard is also included as an attachment.

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<a name="RestrictEmails"></a>

Restricting Email Reports

Administrators may turn off the ability to send out email reports from the Preferences Menu in Settings.

Turning off email reports will discontinue any currently scheduled emails and remove the Email Reports option from the Dashboards Preferences menu.

When emailed reports are disabled, Periscope will archive the pre-configured settings for the reports. When email reports are re-enabled, the previous email report settings will still be in place and will again take effect.

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<a name="QualityCheck"></a>

Quality Check

To ensure the quality of data behind a dashboard, set a quality check using a SQL Alert.

To set a quality check for a dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard Preferences menu.

Select a SQL Alert to trigger. Please refer here for more information on setting up a SQL Alert.

If an email should be sent when a SQL Alert is triggered, please toggle the 'Inform report recipients when skipping emails' to green. In the text field below, verbiage for the email can be specified.

If a chosen SQL alert is triggered through the Quality Check setting in the Dashboard Preferences menu and the 'Inform recipients when skipping emails' toggle is not enabled, then an email report will not be sent.

If a chosen SQL alert is triggered through the Quality Check setting in the Dashboard Preferences menu and the 'Inform recipients when skipping emails' toggle is enabled, an email with the specified verbiage will be sent instead of the dashboard email report.

If a SQL alert is not triggered, email reports will be sent as specified in the Email Reports settings menu.

If a dashboard triggers the chosen SQL alert, the dashboard will also display an error message.

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