Getting Started With Periscope Data!

Welcome to Periscope! Periscope is made up of charts and dashboards.

Charts can be created in Periscope using SQL. To get started, click the big "New Chart" button.

Welcome to the Chart Editor! Start by typing a query in the box, e.g.:

select 'Hello, World!'

When finished typing, click the big "Run SQL" button.

Voilà! The results will show up below in a table.

Make them prettier by changing the display! Start by clicking the "Chart Type" dropdown in the Series Settings tab.

Scroll to "Number Overlay" and click.

The "Hello, World!" message is now bigger and prettier!

Go ahead and click "Save" in the upper right to put this chart on the dashboard.

The chart is now happily situated at the top of the new dashboard and can be easily resized or relocated. Happy Periscoping!

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