Slack Linking Reports

After Slack Integration has been configured, users can post links for entire dashboards or individual charts that are visible to the "All User" group. These links provide a snapshot for all of the Slack users in the channel, and clicking the links will open up the individual report. The opened report will only be visible to Periscope users.

Linking a Dashboard into Slack

To link an in-app dashboard or shared dashboard into Slack, the only requirement is to have the dashboard's URL and for the Slack channel to be public. Upon copy-pasting the dashboard URL into a Slack channel, a clickable snapshot will appear for users who can view the report in Periscope.

Linking a Chart into Slack

To link an individual chart into Slack, a user must first generate a direct link to the chart. This can be found by using the "Share Link" option that appears in the dropdown tab when hovering over a chart:

The URL of this individual chart can then be posted into Slack. It differentiates itself from a linked dashboard by the lack of a header in the preview.


In order for a report to unfurl in Slack, it must be viewable by the "All Users" group. The Dashboard Permissions documentation page discusses how to set this at a dashboard level.

The integration does not require users to be logged into Periscope in order to post or view a dashboard or chart link. As a result, it is possible to post links to reports that they may not necessarily have access to. Any unfurled previews will automatically expire after 7 days.

The Slack Integration is not available if Shared Dashboards have been restricted to specified IPs.

Access and the Periscope Bot

Periscope will unfurl charts and dashboards posted in Slack channels that the Periscope Slack app can access. To allow unfurls in additional channels, invite the Periscope Slack bot @periscope to the channel.

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