Two-Factor Authentication Overview

Periscope supports Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via QR code. 2FA can be required for the entire organization or turned on for a specific user. Recommended applications include Authy, Google Authenticator, or Windows Phone Authenticator.

Setting up 2FA for a Site

Admins can set up 2FA by clicking the Settings icon and navigating to the Billing & Security Option. From there, enable 2FA under Site Two-Factor Authentication.

Once an administrator of the Periscope account has enabled 2FA, existing logged in users' Periscope pages will automatically refresh. Users will then be prompted to complete 2FA setup immediately.

Setting up 2FA as a User

Users can enable 2FA for themselves even if their administrators have not required it for their site. To do so, head to the Profile option and check Enable under Two-Factor Authentication. The user will be prompted to complete 2FA for their next login.

Logging in with 2FA

To log in with 2FA, users will first be prompted to enter their email and password. After the regular login is complete, users will be prompted to enter their 2FA verification code which they can find in their selected verification app.

Resetting Two-Factor Authentication for Users

Once 2FA has been enabled for the Periscope site, resetting a user’s 2FA settings can be done by selecting the Settings icon, navigating to the Permissions option, and clicking the gear next to the desired user. From there, select Reset 2FA from the menu. At the next login, the user will be prompted to set up 2FA.

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