Connecting Snowflake

👤 This documentation is intended for Site Administrators and/or Database Administrators.

To connect Periscope Data to Snowflake, please make sure to have the following prior to attempting a connection:

 * Snowflake account with Account Admin Role

1: Create the Periscope Role

Since Snowflake uses role-based access control, the first thing we need to do is create a role that will have permissions to access the database to be connected. The Parent role will inherit any permissions granted to the newly created role.

2: Create the Periscope User

Add a new user for Periscope Data within the Snowflake Account tab:

Name the account and give it a password:

Additionally, be sure to set the user preferences. For the default namespace, type the name of the database you'd like to connect.

3: Grant Permissions to the Periscope Role

In the Worksheet tab of Snowflake, while logged in with the Account Admin role run the following commands, substituting your warehouse and database name appropriately. Be sure that each command does execute; there is a worksheet setting that will cause only the first command to be executed.

GRANT ROLE periscope_read TO USER periscope_read; 
GRANT USAGE ON DATABASE my_database TO ROLE periscope_read; 
GRANT USAGE ON WAREHOUSE my_warehouse TO ROLE periscope_read; 
GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA public TO periscope_read; 

4: Enter Database Credentials

Copy the account name from the address bar of your browser

Choose a display name and enter the remaining credentials. Click Add to complete the connection!

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